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re – using the architectural heritage

The tendency to conserve the historic buildings of Athens, to re-use them, and to re-integrate them into the urban environment of the contemporary city as functional components began to gain ground after the late 1960’s and to acquire the form of a distinct and strong position during the 1970’s.

On this list you will find not only examples of re-used neoclassical structures but also buildings of the inner or after – war period that have been appropriately remodeled and put back into operation in order to offer solutions of contemporary problems and meet modern needs.

museum of contemporary art, 3SK architects, 2005-14
Fix brewery, Takis Zenetos, 1955-57
H.Schliemann’s residence, Ernst Ziller, 1878-80
Numismatic museum, 1988
One Athens, Divercity Architects, 2014
Athens technological Institute, Doxiadis Associates, 1955-61
Cocomat hotel, 2015
apartment building, 1933
Hotel Grand Bretagne, 1874
Dimitriou mansion, Theophil Hansen, 1842-43
Parliament building, Andreas Kriezis, 1928
Royal Palace, Friedrich von Gaertner, 1836-43
State Council, Alexandros Kaligas, 1985-93
Arsakio – girls’ school, Lyssandros Kaftatzoglou, 1846-52