• Semiramis hotel, Karim Rashid, 2004

  • New Hotel, Campana brothers, 2011

  • hotel Periscope, Deca Architecture, 2004 / hotel 21, Deca Architecture, 2004 / Fresh hotel, T.Zeppos-E.Grigoriadi, 2003

  • hotel hilton, Vourekas-Vassiliadis-Staikos-Georgiadis, 1958-63


Architecture for tourism; a route 130 years long

Projects for tourism have always constituted a significant part of the architectural production in Greece.

At the end of the 19th century one of the most imposing buildings of the small, at the time, city of Athens turned into the luxurious Hotel Grand Bretagne. Much later the construction of the Athens Hilton Hotel (1958-63 by Vourekas, Vassiliadis, Staikos, Georgiadis) was considered the first large-scale post-war building in Athens. Amalia Hotel is a project from the same period, a brilliant example of Greek Modernism made by Nikos Valsamakis.

Our list also includes some of the newest design hotels of the city, as the Fresh Hotel by Tasos Zeppos, the Periscope Hotel by Alexandros Vaitsos, the Semiramis Hotel by Karim Rashid and the New Hotel by the Campana brothers.


We will be able to visit the interiors of the hotels, the lobbies, the rooms and, if we wish to stop for a lunch break or for a drink in one of their restaurants.


hotel grande bretagne, Theophil Hansen, 1842
hotel amalia, Nikos Valsamakis,1957-1959
hotel hilton, Vourekas/Vassiliadis/Staikos/Georgiadis, 1958-63
fresh hotel, Tasos Zeppos/Eleni Georgiadi, 2003
semiramis hotel, Karim Rashid, 2004
hotel twentyone, decaARCHITECTURE, 2004
hotel periscope, decaARCHITECTURE, 2004
new hotel, Humberto & Fernando Campana, 2011