• blue polykatoikia, K.Panayotakos, 1932-33 / polykatoikia, T.Valentis-P.Michailidis, 1934

  • polykatoikia, N. Valsamakis, 1951-53 / polykatoikia, T.Zenetos, 1959

  • polykatoikia, A.Patsouris, 1987-91 / housing complex,I.Papadopoulos-G.Daskalaki 2007-10 / polykatoikia, Dragonas -Christopoulou, 2002

  • oyster smartflats, isv architects, 2010-12


The evolution of the polykatoikia

The Modern movement in Greece starts in the early 30’s with some very interesting housing projects. However only after the 2nd World War and the Civil War (1946-49) did the construction of apartment blocks flourish thanks to private enterprise and new state regulations

By visiting some of the most representative examples of housing projects in the center of Athens, we will review the path of Greek architecture of the last century, from the Modernism of the 30’s, 50’s and 60’s to Greek Regionalism and from Post-Modern to Contemporary architecture.


blue apartment building, Kyriakos Panayotakos, 1932-33
apartment building, Thouk.Valentis/Pol.Michailidis,1933-34
apartment building, Nikos Valsamakis, 1951-53
apartment building, Takis Zenetos, 1959
apartment building, Dim.&Susana Antonakakis, 1972-73
apartment building, Alexandros Patsouris,1987-91
apartment building, Dragonas/Christopoulou, 2002
housing complex, Ioannis Papadopoulos/Georgia Daskalaki, advisor: Tassos Biris, 2007-10
oyster smartflats, isv architects, 2010-12