• polykatoikia, D.-S.Antonakakis, 1972-73 / Euthimiades house, D.Pikionis,1949 / Potamianos house, D.Pikionis,1954

  • children's garden, D.Pikionis, 1961-65 / one family house, A.Konstandinidis, 1961 / open space intervention around Acropolis, D.Pikionis,1954


Modern regionalism

The dominance of the Modern movement in Greek architecture was indisputable during the 50’s and the 60’s. However several architects, tried to introduce or re-interpret components of vernacular Greek architecture in their works, each of them in a different way.

The more gifted representatives of this trend, later called “Modern Regionalism”, succeeded in producing a successful blend of Modernism and Greek tradition.


Different kinds of works are included in this unit such as two landscaping projects by Dimitris Pikionis and a list of several private works.

Euthimiades house-studio,  Dim.Pikionis,1949
open space intervention around akropolis, Dim.Pikionis,1954–1957
Potamianos house, Dim.Pikionis,1954
children’s garden, Dim.Pikionis, 1961-1965
one family house, Aris Konstandinidis, 1961
apartment building, Dim.&Susana Antonakakis, 1972-73