• high school, T.Zenetos, 1969-74 / nat.gallery, Dim.Fatouros-P. Mylonas, 1966-75 / elementary school, D.Pikionis, 1932

  • music school of Athens, I.Despotopoulos, 1969-76

  • American embassy, W.Gropius, 1959-61


50’s – 60’s: the greek modernism

Post-second world war reconstruction efforts began in Greece only after the end of the catastrophic civil war in 1949.

In the early 50’s the construction market in Athens was already  buzzing with life. Architects of different generations and often with different backgrounds contributed to the flourishing of Modernism on an equal basis . This “Golden Age “ of Greek Modernism lasted until the late 60’s when, once again, the political landscape in Greece changed dramatically.


Our thematic list starts with a project from the 30’s, the elementary school by Dimitris Pikionis, and proceeds with works from the 50’s and 60’s.

elementary school, Dimitris Pikionis, 1931-1932
apartment building, Nikos Valsamakis, 1951-53
american embassy, Walter Gropius, 1959-61
hotel hilton, Vourekas/Vassiliadis/Staikos/Georgiadis, 1958-63
national gallery, Dim.Fatouros/Pavlos Mylonas, 1966-75
high school, Takis Zenetos, 1969-74
music school of athens, Ioan.Despotopoulos, 1969-76