• the Athenian trilogy (University – National Library – Academy), Christian & Theophil Hansen, 19th cent. |  Museum of Acropolis, Bernard Tschumi, 2003-2007


Athens as a settlement is more than 3,500 years old but as a national capital it is fairly young. This tour is a itinerary through the last centuries starting with the first master plan of the city, in 1933. Across the center we will visit some of the most significant neoclassical buildings ending up on the slopes of Acropolis with two important examples of modern and contemporary architecture.


start of tour at the metro station “Panepistimio”


the first part of the tour is dedicated to the neoclassical period of the city that lasted almost a century: from 1830 to 1920.

  • the Athenian trilogy (University – National Library – Academy), Christian & Theophil Hansen, 19th


  • Schliemann’s residence, E. Ziller, 1879


  • the Parliament (former Royal Palace), F. von Gaertner, 1836-43


coffee break


  • New Hotel, Fernando & Humberto Campana, 2011 (interior visit)


the museum of Acropolis is a successful example of the coexistence between a modern structure and a monument. Since its completion the building became the new landmark of the city.

  • Museum of Acropolis, Bernard Tschumi, 2003-2007 (interior visit)


lunch at the museum’s cafe’


Dimitris Pikionis is one of the most important architects of modern Greek architecture and his intervention around Acropolis is considered his masterpiece. The project includes a network of footpaths, the renovation of a Byzantine church and the construction of a pavilion for rest and refreshment.

  • open space intervention around Acropolis, D.Pikionis, 1954-57


End of tour on the top of Philopappos hill with a breathtaking view to the Acropolis.




Duration:        6,5 hours

Transport:      on foot

Services:        experienced local architect as a guide, museum and cafe’ reservation

Languages:   Greek, English, Italian

Group size:    max 25 persons

Price:              400 Euros + 23% VAT – special prices for small groups (less than 10                                   persons)

not included: consumption at cafe’, museum’s entrance fee, guiding to the sculpture                                 exhibition of the museum