• national insurance company's headquarters, M.Botta-M.Papanikolaou-R.Sakellaridou, 2003-05

  • Olympic stadium, S.Calatrava, 2004

  • apartment building, Dragonas - Christopoulou, 2002

  • open space intervention around Acropolis, D.Pikionis,1954 / Acropolis museum, B.Tschumi, 2003-07

  • Athens master plan, Leon von Klenze, 1834



Thematic tours may be customized according to your specific interests.
All tours are guided by qualified architects that live and work in Greece.
During each visit detailed information will be given about the work, its architect(s) and the historical and urban context in which it was created.
Our architects will also give you information about the evolution of the city through the latest years and the changes of the urban structure under development.


You may choose parts of our lists or combine works from different lists in order to create a tour according to your schedule and interests.

Depending on the works chosen, the duration of a tour may range from a few hours, to half a day or even a whole day and can be organized on foot, by bus or by a combination of public and private transport. Tours are offered in Greek, English or Italian.

A brief lunch or coffee break may also be added to a tour and is recommended for longer tours.

We will be happy to arrange your tour schedule accordingly.


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Athens by vespa

In collaboration with Marvels on Board we offer you the possibility to discover Athens by vespa. Put your helmet on and let us show you the city’s architecture and its neighborhoods.